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We are located on the North-West coast of the Highlands, 91 miles from Inverness

Once you get to Inverness the quickest route is to follow the road to Ullapool, approx. 52 miles. 

From there you follow it to Lochinver, approx. 36 miles. 

Just before you enter Lochinver you will be met by a cross-roads that points you in Achmelvich's direction, please do not be put off by the sign that say you can't take caravans for 7 miles - this means that after 7 miles, after Stoer, the road is not suitable for caravans but, before that it is fine.

This is the beginning of the single track road, travel for approx. 2 miles to a small bridge with a red post box, turn left (you will see a Shore Caravan Site sign on the opposite side of the road to the post box) follow the road to the end for another 1.5 miles and you will be here.

You can also divert off the main road between Ullapool and Lochinver and go onto the coastal route, this starts approx. 10 miles from Ullapool and directs you towards Achilitibuie, you then follow the road signs for Lochinver. It will take you into Lochinver and you can drive right through and up the hill to the junction for Achmelvich. The coastal route though shorter will take longer as it is fully single track from the main route until you get to Lochinver.


The road from Lochinver to Achmelvich is SINGLE-TRACK, be careful as in summer there is a lot of traffic and a few blind corners.  Beware also of sheep and cows (especially on the road towards Clachtoll, Stoer and Drumbeg which are all also single track). Although it is single-track don't be detered, you are able to take any size of camper, car or caravan on it safely. Please be curtious and allow vehicles to pass you if you would like to take the road a little slower, there are plenty passing places for this.

I would also like to make you aware that the roads in the Highlands are in general bad repair, there are many potholes, worn areas, rough road, caving sides and cracks. Please be careful. When on the single track please do try and stay on the road - some passing places are also in bad shape however the more people that drive onto the grass too allow someone to pass the more the road caves away. If you can, please take photo's of the road and complain to the Highland Council, north of Ullapool they are responsible for the roads.

If you have any problems getting to us please feel free to call us for directions

Just a general notice to anyone who is inexperienced or unsure when driving on the single carriage way & single track roads around this area. It is a very beautiful area but, please remember that a number of others on the road that are locals and although we understand you being unsure or wanting to appreciate the scenery, we would be grateful if you would allow us past you as quickly as possible. Please also stay within the white lines and try not to creep over and straddle them - this is very dangerous.

This information comes from The Highway Code

155. Single-track roads. These are only wide enough for one vehicle. They may have special passing places. If you see a vehicle coming towards you, or the driver behind wants to overtake, pull into a passing place on your left, or wait opposite a passing place on your right. Give way to vehicles coming uphill whenever you can. If necessary, reverse until you reach a passing place to let the other vehicle pass. Slow down when passing pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

156. Do not park in passing places

And general driving rules which apply to all roads.

168. Being overtaken. If a driver is trying to overtake you, maintain a steady course and speed, slowing down if necessary to let the vehicle pass. Never obstruct drivers who wish to pass. Speeding up or driving unpredictably while someone is overtaking you is dangerous. Drop back to maintain a two-second gap if someone overtakes and pulls into the gap in front of you. (Please make sure you you stay on your own side of the road at all times)

169. Do not hold up a long queue of traffic, especially if you are driving a large or slow-moving vehicle. Check your mirrors frequently, and if necessary, pull in where it is safe and let traffic pass.


Please be careful on all the Highland roads, you will encounter all manners of things - wildlife, cattle, sheep and very bad drivers.  Also, please be vigilant for red deer at the sides of the road - they aren't scared of cars, especially the little baby ones.

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