Starting 2018 our check in times will be -

9.30am to 7.30pm in low season (April, May, September and October) 

8.30am - 8.00pm in high season (June, July and August)

No arrivals outside these times unless by special arrangement. Please call or email with any queries

We have a range of facilities on the caravan site itself -

- The toilet block has hot showers, a disabled toilet, a chemical toilet and indoor and outdoor washing-up facilities (we shut part of the toilet block down in quiet months to save energy)

-  In May 2018 we installed Satellite WIFI. The charge for use is £2 for 24 hours or £10 for 7 days. There are notices around the site with help for how to connect, otherwise please go to reception and we can help.

- A laundrette with two washing machines and a tumble dryer - tokens for which are available from reception and cost £4 a wash and £2 for 20 minutes in the dryer.  The laundrette is open all the time.  You can also use the washing line located next to entrance of site, if you require pegs please ask at reception.

- An on-site shop, open end of May until end of August that sells basic food stuff, milk, rolls, eggs, ice cream, juice, sweeties, crisps etc.  This is also where the reception is during opening hours which are 8.30am - 7.30pm (Monday & Tuesday) and 8.30am - 8pm (Wednesday - Sunday) in high season. 

- An on-site Chip Shop run by Bev Jamieson, open mid/end of May and closing beginning/mid-September.  Her hours are 5pm - 8pm.  During low season it is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and in high season it opens Tuesday - Sunday.  The fish is freshly delivered from Ullapool and some of the other products are sourced from the local butchers in Lochinver. The Chip is now open

- We have facilities available to freeze ice blocks/packs.  The freezer is located in the Laundrette (or in the house during quieter times). We do not have any facilities for you to keep food, and would appreciate it if you did not put food stuff in with the freezer blocks - if found we will automatically throw it away.

In the long grass, bracken or heather you will encounter ticks, unfortunately, they are now an unavoidable part of life due to the increasing number of deer and stags coming off the hill for food.  They are usually very easy to remove but, please be vigilant for the symptoms of Lyme's Disease - tiredness, muscle pain, joint pain, fever and headaches.

The beach is situated right beside the caravan site, it has safe, clean waters for a range of activities - swimming, water-skiing, kayaking, sailing - whatever takes your fancy. Unfortunately, you need to provide your own equipment for these activities as there are no rentals available.  The beach has had a "Clean Beach Award" since 2000 and in recent years has been a prime spot for watching the dolphins, porpoises and whales that come into the bay.  People also fish from the rocks or from boats, and a Fishing Competition was established in July 2008.

You are welcome to have bonfires and barbecues on the beach, so long as you clean up everything afterwards and make sure there is no nails, glass or rubbish left around.  Normally, a group of regulars have fires on the small beach known as "Sinky Sands" and they place a stone circle on the outside of the fire pit.  You can have barbecues on the caravan site - just don't burn the grass!

 We do get jelly fish in our water, although in the last few years there have been much fewer stinging ones due to the water not being warm enough for them - stinging ones are coloured: red, blue, brown, pink, and these can be quite sore. You can buy creams to treat, use vinegar or ammonia. Another water danger is the weaver fish, these are in the sand - you will never see it - and are exceptionally sore when you stand on them. The treatment is to put your foot in as hot a water as you can bare, this will pull out the sting that has been deposited.

During the Scottish School holidays we get extremely busy, and as we don't have set pitches we do not take bookings for pitches. However, if you ring on the day, or day before, and we know we will be able to take you then we will keep a space for you.  During the busiest part of the season we use an overflow site just a hundred yards up the road that is for tents only, we aim to send tents there when needed to keep space on the main site for caravans and camper-vans - we don't want to turn anyone away.



Scott's Castle

Pictures by Becca Hornyak ©

 Behind the campsite, about a ten minute walk over the hill, sits 'Europe's smallest castle' - commonly known by the names "Hermits Castle" or "Scott's Castle".  It's not actually a castle, just a small concrete structure that was built in the 1950s by an English Architect called David Scott.  After months of building he stayed in it for one weekend then never returned.  It sits near the water and is a very popular attraction.  He was friendly with the original owner Donald Munro, who is Margaret MacLeod's father.  She remembers David Scott from that time and if you would like to know anything more about him or the structure please feel free to ask.  The land that it is on is owned by the Caravan Site owner Margaret MacLeod and therefore this is also an No Dogs Allowed area.


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