The Highlands have a bad (and sometimes undeserved) reputation for having bad weather. Winter time this can certainly be true, but in the summer we usually have the best of the weather in the country.

We have our own little climate - it can sometimes be hot and sunny in Achmelvich but, be raining in Lochinver, which is only 4 miles away. The weather reports you see on the TV are largely unreliable, the closest is the Farming Forecast shown on BBC1's Countryfile.  Though the best thing to do if you want to know exactly is to phone us.  


Summer 2012 was incredible.  Well, dry.  We didn't have the rain the rest of the country did, and we actually had some lovely days, some sun too. 

We had very, very dry winter so we were awarded with none stop rain throughout April 2013. May was a bit wet and windy but, the first couple of weeks of June were incredible.  The rain soon returned however and we were stuck with it into July.  Luckily, we did finally get the scorching hot sunshine that the rest of the country had (even if the midgies came out in force every night), before returning to bleaker weather.  August was okay but, unfortunately we had a rather wet day for the Assynt Highland Games.  

2014 was rather hit and miss, we had incredible weather in May and June, early July was nice (but very midgy) and then it took a turn for the worst at the end of July and most of August with only a few decent, dry and warm days.  September however, was beautiful again with temperatures reaching 20 degrees most days.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good to us over the 2015 summer season.  It was the wettest we've ever known.  However, mid-August the weather took a turn for the better with very little rain and some lovely warm, sunny days (if rather midgy!)  September and October were glorious months, with plenty sunshine and very little rain.

Thankfully, 2016 seems to be treating pretty good so far! We had a fair May, with it getting increasingly hot and sunny towards the end.  The first week of June was the same, with it cooling a little now towards the middle.  We have had very little rain, just little spits once or twice, in the last 3 weeks.  Fingers crossed it will continue throughout the rest of the season.



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